I sit ultra-energised  as I share with you the most basic human purpose. The sun is out. Flowers bloom in the city. Birds sing in their most beautiful voice. The aroma of morning rain fills my nostrils. 
In this post, I share with you a most basic human purpose. A purpose which each and every one of us need to follow. 

You came to this world. You are bond to die one day or another. It’s not your mistake if you took birth in this world but it’s your mistake if you die leaving this world unchanged.  Just think, will you behappy to know that your life on this planet was in vain? Dying without contributing anything to this world really sweats my palms. 

Leaving this world better off than we found it to be is so common. But how many of us actually commit ourselves as true leaders and bring a change in this world?

What I’m really trying to suggest you is that you are not born into ordinary. You are not born to stay average. You are born into genius. Each and every one of us has a hidden genius within us. I believe, there are no such extra human beings on this planet. You, me and every one of us on this planet has a mission. You are not supposed to be an ordinary. You are not born to follow the mob. You are not born to pay bills and die amid mediocrity. 

There is something that you need to give to this world. You are important, no, very important to me and to millions of people. Your life matters. You need to follow your most basic purpose, to actually commit yourself helping as many people as you possibly can. Commit yourself to bring change in society. Though by a bit.

Live such a beautiful life that when you die, you feel that you successfully followed your purpose, that you left the world better off than you found it to be.
With true love and deep respect

Your’s fan


P.S. We need to follow our purpose. We need yo leave this world better off than we found it to be. The quality of your life, at last, comes out to be the quality of your contribution. Why not to share this post? Let’s join hands together and enlighten the world! 

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  1. Khurram Mushtaq - September 3, 2016 Reply

    I agree that we have a mission.
    But I have a question.
    “Are we born into this world to change it”?

    • Aditya Shukla - September 3, 2016 Reply

      Hey there!

      So glad to hear from you. I’m delighted that you asked a question.
      The answer to your question can be given in so detail but for now, the answer to your question is “yes.” We ARE ment to bring some change in this world. Our lives ARE and SHOULD be committed, dedicated and devoted to making and leaving this world better than we came to this world. There is a hidden genius within everyone of us. Sadly, only few realise that and others live amid mediocrity and die leaving nothing for the next generation. You, me, and all, has to realise our highest potential, live our authentic lives and affect others by not getting affected by them.

      I would love to reply to your question in as much detail as I possibly can and I will notify you of the blog to your question when I post.

      Be genius. Be great.
      Your’s friend

  2. RhapsodyBoheme - September 5, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful and inspiring

    • Aditya Shukla - September 5, 2016 Reply

      Hey there!

      Thank you very much to give it a read and share your kind words! I appreciate your valuable time.

      Wishing you a best day today.

  3. Wendy - September 5, 2016 Reply

    A lovely post and so very true! We do have a purpose to make a difference… Thanks for this lovely reminder of my responsibility in life! x

    • Aditya Shukla - September 5, 2016 Reply

      Hey Wendy!
      So glad to hear that you loved the post. Thank you so much to give it a read and to share your inspiring words!
      I appreciate all your valuable time.
      Have a most beautiful day ahead!

  4. Luanne - September 5, 2016 Reply

    I enjoyed your post and agree that we all have special gifts to share and make the world better!

    • Aditya Shukla - September 11, 2016 Reply

      Hey Luanne!
      Thank you very much to give it a read and share your all kind words!
      Wishing you a happy day!

  5. Jerry Cartwright - September 19, 2016 Reply

    All people have a tremendously high calling in life. This is their God given purpose. God wants you to be born again into royalty, to reside in the holy glory of God with a new citizenship, body, mansion, reward, throne, glory, and eternal life. Why would anyone not want that?

    • Aditya Shukla - September 23, 2016 Reply

      Glad to hear from you!
      Feeling very happy that more and more people are realising their deepest values – just like you. Felt great reading your comment! I appreciate all your valuable time. Thank you. More ultra-inspiring posts coming soon. Be connected!
      Thank you! Wishing you an uber-happy day today. Aditya.

  6. Little Dreamer - September 24, 2016 Reply

    Great perspective and explanation. I think on a very similar level.

    • Aditya Shukla - September 24, 2016 Reply

      Hey little Dreamer 😉
      Thank you for your kind words! Delighted to hear from you! Wishing you an uber-happy and a best day ahead! Your’s fan, Aditya.

  7. S.r. Vanika - September 24, 2016 Reply


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