Hey there! I hope you’re super awesome out there! Here’s the quick list of the best 3 blog posts received a lot of love from so many people!

#1. 15 Victim versus Titan Distinctions [RECOMMENDED!]

A highly recommended read. In this post, I’ve talked about what makes a titan and an icon and what separates them from the rest – the ordinary and the victims. If you wish to know how shift from playing as a victim to being an icon, this might be a perfect read!

#2. 10 Quotes to Inspire You! [2 min read]

In this bundle of inspiration, I’ve shared some of my top quotes which I’ve been sharing on my Instagram! One of the recommended reads!

#3. How to Cope Up and Overcome the writer’s block

This is one of the post which received a lot many views within a few days. In this post, I’ve shared 8 personally observed strategies to cope up and overcome the writer’s block – the scariest stage for an artist!

I respect your valuable time. Wishing you a truly beautiful day ahead!

Go be great. Radiate love and kindness.

Yours fan, Aditya.

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