I’ve been reading a fair amount of psychology the previous week and I came to know about this Negativity Bias. This post is all about your brain’s natural talent to focus on negative things. In this post, I share with you some of my personal tactics to beat the negativity bias and to rewire your brain. I know you will love this one. So stick to it!

Negativity bias refers to the notion that the things of a more negative nature have a greater effect on one’s psychological state than do neutral or positive things.

In other words, we are more likely to remember a bad complement than a genuine appreciation. We remember an accident more than a fortunate coincidence. Negativity bias is the reason why most of us struggle to figure out how to be happier. We remember negative traits about a person more than we remember the traits unique about them. We dwell into failures more than we celebrate accomplishments.

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Strange isn’t it?

Your brain is simply built up with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news. It’s your brain’s natural ability to focus on the negative news than to focus on good news. This is the only reason why you remember a bad compliment for a longer time than an appreciation.

Thus, our attitudes and behaviors are more heavily influenced by downbeat news than good news. And this makes it so very much easy for you to go to bed at the end of the day with a low mood. Our brain’s ability to naturally shift the focus to the negatives is what drains your energy and that’s the reason we struggle with motivation wondering how to stay constantly motivated. 

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Let me quickly share with you three tactics that worked very well for me to beat negativity bias and to rewire your brain to focus on the positive good news! [You’re going to love the 3rd!]

#1. The Area Of Refuge:

Gretchen Rubin—owner of “The Happiness Project”–recommends that you create an “area of refuge” in your brain. That is, have a list of positive things ready—such as good memories, inspiring quotes, or lines from poems—that you can think of whenever you find your mind wandering to a negative memory.

This is something that I do. I have a bunch of inspirational and uplifting quotes ready. Whenever I catch myself thinking about something negative from the past, I read all those quotes. This immediately takes my focus off the negative and results in an instant mood boost.

#2. Soak In Positive Experiences:

“Most of the time, a good experience is pretty mild, and that’s fine. But try to stay with it for 20 or 30 seconds in a row – instead of getting distracted by something else,” Hanson wrote.

At the end of the day or whenever you are free, take some time and reflect on all the positive things that happened to you throughout the day. When you train your brain to focus on positive encounters, you reinforce positive patterns in your brain. Scientists and researchers call this neuroplasticity – building new neural pathways.


This is my personal favorite. Before going to bed, I pull out my journal and I note down all the positive things that happened to me throughout the day. I call it “Today’s Epic Moments”.

Starting from today, I suggest you note down at least 5 daily epic moments in your journal or you can just think of them in your head.

This habit won’t only help keep your brain attuned to all of the good things in your life but by focusing on the good you’ll gradually be rewiring your brain for happiness.

I hope today’s post has been of great value to you. Stay awesome!


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Much love, talk soon.

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