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If there was one word to truly describe you, it would be: Impactioner! 😉

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2 Powerful Strategies For Total Craft Mastery

The only reason behind a person’s failure in his/her’s craft and success is hidden behind this secret of total craft mastery. The difference between an average organisation and a successful craft is the person’s ability to total craft mastery.
In this post, I share with you 2 Strategies to achieve Total Craft Mastery and be the ‘only man leading’ in your field! 😉

What I Wish You Knew About Genius [IMMENSELY IMPORTANT]

When you were born, you were a pure, true and a perfect form of a genius. But as you grew up, the small minds of the society convinced you to dream practically and live a life like everyone else.
I promise you that the time you spend reading this post will be the time that you invest in your own self to step up to your greater self.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do What You LOVE

Think of Mandela or Bill Gates or Jobs or Gaga or Kanye. What made them great? They didn’t have any magical spells that made them great. They had this one thing that they all share in common which made them great: they simply devoted themselves to doing what they truly loved.
I hope to inspire you and I promise to deliver value through this short yet important piece of post. Let’s dive right into the 5 powerful reasons why you should do what you love, shall we?!


It’s My Birthday Today. Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

It’s 18th of June and today’s my birthday! I hate the fact that I turn 16 today (yes I’m Gemini) but I really am excited to welcome a new fresh year. I’m so excited for the next 365 beautiful opportunities that I will be gifted!
It’s 9 pm here in India – 3 hours to go for this special day to get over and before it hits 12 am, I wanted to write to you demanding few things

What Defines an IMPACTIONER?

If you’ve been wondering what does the word IMPACTIONER means, you need to read this!
After reading this post, I assure that you’ll shift from playing as a victim to being an icon.
In this post, I share with you what makes a titan and what separates them from the rest- the victims. One of the recommended reads!

How to Cope Up and Overcome the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the scariest time for a writer, isn’t it? Writer’s block is a stifling entrapment. It’s like a locked door without a key.
Lately, I received a lot many requests on this topic so I decided to share with you 8 ways to cope up and overcome the writer’s block!



I’ve started with this series because recently, I’ve been receiving a lot many DMs on my Instagram (@5amimpact) and e-mails from lovely people asking me general questions.
The major reason why I wanted to start #ASKADI:
Another reason why I wanted to start this #ASKADI is that I deeply believe that your one question can be so important [and maybe even life-changing] for someone out there in the world. Maybe the answer to your question is exactly what someone else out there searching for.
So if you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate a bit and send it right away HERE! [and in doing so, you be an inspiration to many others!]



Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla


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