How are you there, my valued reader! Hope you are doing fantastic! In this short piece of post, I share with you a small, simple and a gorgeous reminder. A simple reminder for you to dream big. A profound reminder for you to live your life to the greatest.

The following is a short beautiful poem – a small and simple reminder. A great poet has correctly stated a universal and very practical truth through these lines:


I bargained with Life for a penny, 

And Life would pay no more, 

However I begged at evening 

When I counted my scanty store. 

For Life is a just employer, 

He gives you what you ask, 

But once you have set the wages, 

Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire, 

Only to learn, dismayed, 

That any wage I had asked if life, 

Life would have willingly paid. 


Hope the above lines leaved you inspired. For me, it reminded that not more effort is required to aim high.

Be great. You’re awesome. I know you are going to rock your field.

With tons of love + deep respect,

Your’s fan


P.S. Inspire others. Live your best! Please be great and make today a history!

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