“Somewhere in the brain of someone about to laugh, the supplementary motor area executes bunch of commands, sending signals to dozens of muscles all at once.”

This inspired me by a lot so I did a bit research! So this post is all about scientific reasons why should you laugh more! I know you will love it!

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.

Here’s what happens throughout the body:

#1. Face Time!

When we laugh, as many as 15 muscles squeeze our faces into smile!

#2. Eyes Have It!

If you laugh vigorously, you must have noticed tears from your eyes! It’s because when we laugh so vigorously, our tear ducts can activate. And tears are antidote to stress!

#3. Mouth Off!

Lee Berk and others have tested the saliva of people after laughing episodes and found that they have higher levels of disease-fighting agents called ‘immunoglobulins’. Studies also confirm that laughter may rise our immune junction!

#4. Wrestle Your Vessels!

Our heart rate and blood pressure spike briefly when we laugh. In addition to immune benifits noted, laughter seems to help diabetics keep thrir glucose levels in check.

#5. In a recent study, cardiologist Michael Miller investigated the effect of laughter on the inner lining if blood vessels or endothelium. Even that part of our body produces chemicals. Good ones when expands and bad ones when it constricts.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

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