Do you feel dissatisfied at times thinking you aren’t doing what you love? Is there a part in you where you feel like you aren’t completely living up to your potential? Do you feel uncontented doing what you do now? Do you feel like you can work with more energy and increased productivity and greater levels of motivation if you do what you love? If yes, you’re going to love this post because, in this post, I share with you 5 reasons why you should do what you love. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

I’m sure you’ve surely heard of MANY people who have loaded pockets but aren’t really satisfied with their job. There are people who make tons of money every day but their heart seems to be never fulfilled. The reason, you guessed it right – they aren’t doing what they truly love!

To me, it makes ZERO sense to do what you DON’T love. Sadly, SO many people spend their lifetimes engaged in doing a job that makes zero sense. For some, they do it because their job pays most of their bills. And it’s a nice way to live your life – working on a job that pays most your bills. But it’s the worst way to END your life doing that job [big point here].

What I mean is simply this: at the end of your life, during your last breathes, the only thing that hurts you more than anything else is the potential you left unexpressed. You here reading this tells me that you’re not going to be one of those mediocre who spends their lives amid ordinary. Which brings me to the first reason why you should do what you love:

5 Reasons Why You Should Do What You Love

why you should do what you love how to do what you love quotes talents

#1. You should do what you love because that’s where your greatness belongs

Think of Einstein or Mandela or Bill Gates or Jobs or Picasso or Michelangelo or Gaga or Kanye. What made them great? They didn’t have any magical spells that made them great. They had this one thing that they all share in common which made them great: they simply devoted themselves in doing what they truly loved.

I really wonder sometimes what if Einstein was given a football to play in a field or what if  Gaga was supposed to work at Apple or what if Ronaldo or Messi were supposed to work at a science lab. They would simply – and miserably – fail. Because they are just not meant to do those jobs.

There’s only one way to be great and that is to recognize your natural gifts and innate talents. – Aditya

There's only one way to be great and that is to recognize your natural gifts and innate talents. - Aditya #greatness #qotd #success Click To Tweet

Self-awareness is the starting point of success. I hope now you get that doing what you love is the only way to be great. Comet to think about a task you loved doing in your younger days. When you were younger, there were tasks that gripped your attention, let them be dancing or painting or singing. There were tasks that had your interest effortlessly. Those tasks were your natural inclinations – your innate abilities. That was the field where your true potential belongs.

But over time, as you grew up, you tagged those abilities and natural interests as ‘hobbies’ and convinced yourself that your potential belongs in some other lucrative field. You sold yourself a lie. The society, the teachers, friends and even parents successfully contributed to helping you sell a lie to yourself. It’s never too late. The best time to do what you love was in your younger days. The second best time is to start today.

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why you should do what you love quotes talents

#2. You should do what you love because your job won’t be just a job but an exciting art

Think about the time when you got so engrossed in some task that you lost the track of time. Think about a time when you forgot to look at the clock or check your phone because you were naturally too focused on doing a particular task. Remember a time when shiny distractions just couldn’t succeed at drawing your attention away? That’s right, that was the time when you were truly engaged in doing what you love.

Your work really seems to be something more than “just a job” when you do what you love. Messi never gets bored playing football. Picasso never got bored painting. I never get bored writing. Ever noticed the fire in your mood after doing what you love? That’s the confirmation of your inclination to that particular work.

why you should do what you love quotes talents

#3. You should do what you love because that’s what the world needs the most from you

As you try to be the best among others, please don’t forget that you’re simply an artist and a gifted genius here to create history and leave your impact. I strongly believe that each and every one of us is here to serve and inspire others in our own unique way. And that only way to leave a unique impact in the world behind is to do what you love.

You are simply an artist. To settle for anything less than what you deserve is a severe crime and a serious sin.” – Aditya

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I am a big believer in the idea that you were born to serve others in some way or the other. A study done shows that the odds of becoming a human being is one out of 400 trillion. Just the number is enough to make you realize the advantage of the rare opportunity you have of being a human being.

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why you should do what you love quotes talents

#4. You should do what you love to take care of your inner wellness

To me, inner-wellness matters more than success. I’ll do a job that fills me with serious satisfaction and gives me incredible inner-peace. That’s more important to me than money. SO many people make loads of money every day but at the end of the day, their hearts are left hollow with no sense of satisfaction.

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To me, inner-wellness = personal peace + self-satisfaction + sense of fulfillment + sense of purpose. It really breaks my heart when I see someone waking up every day without a sense of purpose and no fire. No doubt, doing what you love fills you with extreme levels of joy and happiness.

why you should do what you love quotes talents

#5. You should do what you love so you can be an #IMPACTIONER

Recently I’ve been playing a lot with this word ‘Impactioner‘ on my Instagram (@5amimpact). If there was one word to truly describe you, it would be Impactioner – a person who leaves a uniquely positive impact behind for the next generations. Yes, you can be as great as Mandela or Picasso or Mahatma Gandhi. You’re as uniquely gifted as them. You’re here simply to be great, create history and leave an impact.

“The only way to live a life that sets an example to others is to develop intimacy with your craft – with what you love.” – Aditya

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Do you feel uncomfortable comparing yourself with the legends? If yes, here’s a quote for you from Maya Angelo:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito.”

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As shared above, you are given this uncommon opportunity to do what you love and create an impact. Leave your imprint behind. 400 trillion to one. What else do you need to motivate you? I will leave you with a quote hoping that it’ll inspire you:

“How long you live is not under your control but what you leave behind is totally under your control.” – Aditya

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Much love,

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  1. Athira UG - July 10, 2017 Reply

    Hi adi,May be I’m the first one to comment on ur blog now… U r doing a gr8 job.. Being motivated with ur own thoughts n making others motivated with ur thoughts… Ur blogs have proved to be useful for many I know(even me)… Keep it up…!! Hope for more n more!!

    • Aditya Shukla - July 10, 2017 Reply

      Hi Athira! Your comment made my day. I’m doing the best I can – doing my small part trying satisfy my hunger and greed for people’s love – by motivating people.

      • Athira UG - July 10, 2017 Reply

        ???Waiying for the next bash!!!
        All the best!!!
        N may God bless u!!

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