I feel super pumped and on fire to be writing to you after a long time! I really hope that you’re doing amazing and phenomenal! Thank you for taking time and stopping by to read this blog because this post is all about the 2 things that destroy your happiness. I know you’re going to love this short yet deep and simple yet profound post. Without wasting a bit of your precious time, let me dive right in into the first happiness destroyer.

#1. Toxicity

I deeply believe that toxicity sucks out happiness from your life. Google defines toxicity as the quality of being toxic or poisonous. Anything that acts as a poison to your happiness is toxic. It can be a relationship or it can be that one negative friend. It can be a thing or a negative habit. Or it can be your disempowering beliefs and negative emotional states.

So today, my loving suggestion to you is to recognize what toxicity have you allowed to enter into your life and block it out. Right now! Anything that costs you your peace is way too expensive. Block that one negative person on social media. Move away from those who don’t serve and inspire you. Move away from those who’re unfit and harmful for your mental health.
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You just can’t afford toxicity in your life. If you DON’T take time today to study and reflect and change your disempowering beliefs, negative mindset and emotional state and relationships, I’m at no loss. But if you do, you decide to choose happiness over toxicity.

And let me share with you something that I’ve personally experienced: when you let go of what’s toxic to you, you automatically create some space for positivity and wellness to come into your life.

#2. Attachments

Allow me to dive a little deeper into this topic. First of all, let me share with you what attachment really means: Attachment is the emotional dependence we put on things, or people, with some degree of our survival interwoven into the precious thing we hold so dear.

Happiness is the worst thing to keep attached to somebody or something. 2,500 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment when he realized that his attachment to his wife and son back at home was actually the cause of his suffering and pain. He discovered that when our mind becomes too focused and fixed on one thought, it loses freedom and purity, which gives rise to pain.

Attachments are boring. Freedom is beautiful. Let your happiness be attached to none but connected to all.

Now the question you might be thinking right now is:

How to become free from attachments?

The answer is simple: by first becoming aware of your attachments. What are the thoughts that you keep thinking about over and over everyday? Are there any negative events from the past that keep coming back to you?

We can let go of our attachments by understanding this simple truth – you came to this planet to grow and evolve. I know how hard it is to let go of your attachments but why wouldn’t you if that’s the way to grow and evolve? And when we abandon our attachments, we let our minds to be at peace.

Develop an anti-attachment shield within your heart and you’ll live happily ever after.

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Be a citizen of nowhere but a belonging of everywhere.

Hope this short post was of value to you. I trust that today, you take time to block out toxicity from your life. I trust that you work on detaching yourself from all that you’re attached to. And in doing so, you automatically create space for happiness in your life.

Wishing you happiness today and everyday,

with great love


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