Make it toughest for you to slip into mediocre.
-Aditya Shukla

​What it takes not to complain?
What it takes not to criticize?

What it takes not to ccondemn? 

What it takes to wake up early in the morning than your normal time?

What it takes to speak the truth even the voice shakes?

What it takes to radiate love and affection?

What not to turn mediocre?

What I’m emphasizing on is that it’s so easy to slip into mediocre. It’s so easy to start complaining. It’s so easy to criticize.

Do exactly what average people don’t. I know, you are one in millions (really). You are not ment to play small! But many of us don’t get it and die amid mediocrity.

Everyone of us has a genius within us. Everyone of us has a purpose, a mission. No one is born to be average! You are important – to everyone on this planet.

Play big!
Be genius.

Yours’ mate

P.S. Everyone is a genius. And everyone needs to know this. Help people know their purpose. Help people know that their life matters to millions of us. They are genius! Please don’t hesitate to share this post. I have deep faith that you surely will share it 😉

And the Good News!
The previous week of ‘Written to Enlighten’ has been nice enough as it crossed more than expected  views! All thanks to you, lovely readers and thanks to Ronak Panchal who helped me so much! His amazing website’s here!

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  1. vincentcarlos - June 6, 2016 Reply

    agreed! very nice post, short and simple:)

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