Why Should You Think Twice Before You Speak?

Why Should You Think Twice Before You Speak?

​Hey my valued readers!
There’s a powerful insight to share today.

In the book Awake in the World, Debra Moffit beautifully marks, “A careless word can start a war while a kind word may mark the start of a lifelong friendship.” Even though I knew this, before a few days, I barked out a sentence to the dearest friend of mine which of course has hurt him… If you are reading this right now, I’m really sorry from the core of my heart.

Just think, nothing can change a single useless and careless word uttered out of your mouth. Once an unkind word comes out of your mouth, you have no control over it.

It is better to speak less than to speak useless.

In this era that provokes attention through vomiting words, we often forget the importance of words. We often forget how powerful words really are.

So before letting a thoughtless word out of your mouth just think. Is it necessary? Does it really matter? What will be the impact of it on the listener? Will it hurt the him/her?

Change the habit of speaking too quickly without even taking time to reflect and think.

Will talk to you soon!

Till then, Bye!

Be Genius. Be Humble. Be Productive. Be Kind. Be Great!

Yours’ mate,
Aditya πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hey Henry! I also believe that if everyone takes a bit effort before uttering a word, it would really make a lot difference!
      Thanks to share your thoughts!

    1. Hey there!
      Thank you to take time to read the post and share your words! All the very best for your blog!
      Wishing you a million followers

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