Where Criticism Takes You.

Where Criticism Takes You.

​A shorter post today.
Ok, so. I’m in a high school. Every morning when I go to school, there are some senior girls to come with me in bus. They sit exactly behind me and talk so loudly that I can’t help but listen to them (not every time). What I marked is every morning when they meet, sit and start gossiping, they are always on a topic criticizing someone. Just think, they start their day criticizing!

If they happen to read this, I’m sorry to them. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

Did you ever thought where criticism will get you?


So why to criticize?!

Why to nay?

Why to backstab if it’s not worth at all?!

What I’m suggesting is, why to waste your precious and valuable time and energy criticizing someone?!

Conserve your valuable time and energy and spend it doing something productive!

Be Great. Be Authentic. Be productive. Don’t criticize. Never Backstab. Be Awesome!

Yours’ mate
Aditya 😉

P.S. Allo people! Today, I got 15, the tag to 14 year old kid is no more. Today is my Birthday!

And I’m really sorry, for being so passive these days. I’ve never been so tied up with studies than this time.

And thanks a lot for 30 viwes on my previous post ‘You Are A Genius – One in Millions’ where I discussed that every one is a genius. No one is born to pay bills and die amid mediocrity. You can visit it here!

Anyways, Be Awesome. Be Great!
Have a delightful day!! 🙂

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    1. Your comment is valuable to me! Thank you for all your kind words! I will keep going if it makes any difference, even by a bit which it is! 🙂

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