What Comes After Death?

What Comes After Death?

​After death of your close one – let it be your bestest mate or one of your family members – what comes after they die?

A Regret. A very heavy regret deep in your heart. Regret of not telling him/her that you loved them. Regret of taking them for granted. Someone marked it very correctly ‘You only value a person after his/her death’.

It happens to the most of us most of the time. We take people close to us, people whom we love the most, for granted the most. And at the end, comes the biggest regret. At the end, all you wish is to get one more chance to see your loved one again. You seek one last chance to touch and feel and smell and sense them – which you know is never going to happen.

Do you, like everyone else, want to hang the heavy regret of not expressing your love to your loved one around your neck?

No, right? So express your love. NOW!  Who knows what’s going to happen next minute? The very next second of my writing this letter or you reading this word, death can show up.

All I’m suggesting to you is that start showing people that you care them. Say them ‘I Love You!’ Show them that their life matters to you. Radiate more love.

With deep respect + with tons of love

Your’s fan,


P.S. The more love you radiate, the more love you receive. The planet has never need much love than it needs now. So be kind, be humble and radiate love.

14 thoughts on “What Comes After Death?

    1. Thank you so much for your valuable words! That’s a biggest complement for me! I appreciate all your time you took to give it a read and for your inspiring comment. You inspired me!

    2. Thank you so much! This is the best complement i’ve ever got! You inspired me! I appreciate all the time you took to give it a read and for your valuable comment!

  1. For such a short and sweet piece, you say some very profound things. It is terrible when people die before we have a chance to tell them the things that are on our hearts, the things that are important to us. Very well said! And thank you for liking my blog. Good luck writing.

    1. That was a very very inspiring comment! Thank you from core of my heart, jenny! I appreciate all your time you took to give it a read and for your valuable comment!

  2. I make it a point to say i love you to my husband and child everyday coz i dont want to regret ever.so everyday i know one thing if my or their time comes we know that we have conveyed our love already. There are no loose ends. Good thought which i do make it a point to abide by.

    1. I’m very glad you get that! Many don’t get it and due with heart full of regrets!

      Your valuable words really moved and Inspired me! Thank you!

  3. This is something that has actually hit home very recently for me because I was traveling alone for 3 months. Being so far away from family without easy return, visitation, or even communication, I realized just how important it was to have them nearby. The worst part is I’m moving 14hours away from my family next month. It’s crushing me and I am trying to spend every waking minute with my family before I go because life is short and precious and I wouldn’t be here without them. And it’s never too late to say ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’.

    1. Your words really inspired me. Thank you, Melanie! And I am glad that you and others too get it right! Also, thank you for your valuable time and for sharing your experience!

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