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2 Powerful Strategies For Total Craft Mastery

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An Impactioner are all about mastery! Have you ever wondered how to increase your impact in your field? The only reason behind a person’s failure in his/her’s craft and success is hidden behind this secret of total craft mastery. The difference between an average organization and a successful craft is the person’s desire for total craft mastery. 

In this quick yet so very much important post, I’m going to share with you 2 uncommon tactics for total craft mastery and how you can be the ‘only person leading’ in your craft. I know you are really going to love the post!

While reading one of the blogs of Robin Sharma, I discovered Bruce Lee’s “Be like water” philosophy, his obsession with mastery. The way Lee rolled was to never believe he was a master. Continue to be a learner. And to always think like a beginner. He installed the so-called mindset of a beginner. That made him a true master. His mindset of “I’m am a no expert” is what made him an expert. Ironic isn’t it? This is what brings me to the first strategy for total craft mastery:

#1. Adopt the mindset of a Beginner:


total craft mastery


One of the quickest and surest ways to get into a drama relationship with yourself and your craft is to pretend that you know something when you don’t. The thought that you know everything about your craft is what avoids you from touching the heights. One of the common things about the icons that helps them produce poetic work is the mindset of the beginner – the learner.

Here’s the point: By embracing the mindset of a beginner, you crave eagerness to learn more and more. And by becoming addicted to this ritual of learning more about your craft, you automatically deliver the work that only the 5% of the people produce – the poetic work.

#2. Install this Magical Ritual:


total craft mastery


This is what separates the iconic producers from the ordinary performer. It’s all about one single daily ritual. Install this one ritual into your routine and I guarantee, you can rock your field! The ritual is simply this: learning and improving by 5% everyday. 

Here’s the point:

The more you learn the more you will know. The more that you know the more you will grow.

Learning is a lifelong process. And I believe that the moment you stop learning, thinking you own enough of knowledge, is the very moment you should realize that you need to learn more. Be a lifelong learner. I strongly believe that the moment you think that you’re amazing is very moment that you lose that fire and the spirit that made you amazing.


total craft mastery


So let me share with you this simple strategy!

The strategy is simply this: learn and improve each day by only 5% and by one month you would have improved by around 150% in your craft and by 12 months, the stats reach up to 1800% more improvement which is definitely enough to stand out from the crowd.

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I hope that after reading this, you realize that in order to keep improving at your A-game, you need to become obsessed with the hunger to learn more and more each day.

I want to see you fly. You deserve world-class!

Love you a lot. Talk to you soon. Bye!

total craft mastery




P.S. The blog I posted few days back is receiving great love. I’ve been getting a lot many messages of how eye-opening the post really was. Thank you so much for your love – that’s what I write for. If you haven’t yet read it, DEFINITELY make time to read the post here where I’ve shared how the society seduced you to mute the true colors of your authentic self (What only the Icons Know!)



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