It’s 18th of June and today’s my birthday. I hate the fact that I turn 16 today (yes I’m Gemini) but I really am excited to welcome a new fresh year. I’m so excited for the next 365 beautiful opportunities that I will be gifted! It’s 9pm here in India – 3 hours to go for this special day to get over and before it hits 12am, I wanted to write to you demanding few things (yes I seriously want those things from you or I’ll be greatly disappointed).

First of all, let me quickly share with you what I’ve learned so far before I tell you what is it that I want from you.

The previous year was seriously beautiful. I was blessed to meet so many beautiful minded people who helped me a lot to grow and expand. I had so many goals that I accomplished successfully. Yes I had failures too, which helped me to learn and grow and become a more better person. I’m absolutely not the same person as I was before an year [I’m amazed how our journey of growing and evolving continuously everyday never seems to end]

I’ve realized that to grow and to get to the next level of living our lives, it’s necessary for us to let go of what needs to be left behind. I’ve realized that in order to fly, we need to let off everything that weighs us down. So today, I chose to let go of everything that doesn’t serve and inspire me.

My Experiences Till Today

My quotes are my experiences. I share with you what I learn. So let me dive right into the first one:

“It’s not what I do while I’m here that matters the most but what I leave behind for the next generations is what will mark my greatness.”

birthday inspired

“Words left unsaid, work left undone and feelings left unexpressed turn to painful regrets.”

birthday inspired

“The best way to make my life meaningless is to get engaged in doing the task that I don’t love.”

birthday inspired

“Things truly seem to change when you’re inspired and motivated from within.”

birthday inspired

“You’re simply an artist. To accept and settle for anything less than world-class would be a severe crime and a serious sin.”

birthday inspired

If you tell me that you’re not an artist or that you’re less than a genius, I’m going to punch you right over your nose. And I will keep punching forever. I really will because by telling that you’re not an iconic player, you are insulting none else but yourself. If you’ve not yet read my post What I Wish You Knew About Genius, I strongly suggest you to take some time and read it here – for yourself – because the time that you take in reading the post will be the time that you invest in yourself.

Now, let me finally tell you what I want from you. There’s only one thing that I really badly want from  you as a birthday gift.

And it’s simply this:

I just want you to be nothing but ridiculously kind. You looks gorgeous when kind. You don’t know what what the other person is going through. You don’t know their problems. In this world where almost everyone right now is tensed and worried of one thing or the other, your gorgeous gesture of kindness can mean a lot to them.

I love this quote from Maya Angelou which says: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Simple yet insightful! So why not try to make people feel happy? Let’s try to be a light of kindness and love to the people of this world and make it a lovely place to be. And in doing so, by being a light of kindness and affection and compassion to others, let’s try to have our impact on this planet – though however small may it seem.

So this is the one thing that I want from you. Love you a lot. Stay connected. Talk to you soon.


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