In your lifetime, have you ever been on a slide? Those in the playgrounds. Well, of course, you have. And if you have, you know the period of time it takes to land down on the ground from the top of the slide, right? In my opinion, that’s exactly the amount of time it took for 2018 to come to an end. ūüėČ

2018 was a great year [no matter what, every day, month¬†or year is a great year if you manage to grow through what you experience.] Just like every other year, 2018 had for me plenty of experiences, circumstances, and situations. Trying my best to observe and learn what each day had for me, here I share with you 20¬†major insights and quotes to live by in 2019!¬†I know you’re going to enjoy this one so stick around!

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CAUTION:¬†A lot of value in this short yet important post. Proceed ahead¬†only if you’re serious about having a dose of valuable insights. ūüėČ

#1. YOU are the destroyer of your own peace, YOU are the creator of your own happiness.

As the quote from Gabriel Bernstein goes, ‘Whenever I’m asked about the greatest lesson I’ve learned, my response is, ‘Happiness is a choice I make.’¬† Happiness is influenced less by what happens around you and depends more on how you react to it.

#2. You can’t hurt your own vibe by associating with the wrong company, just to avoid the discomfort of loneliness.

Better to be accompaned by none than to be associated with a company that doesn’t suit your vibe.

#3. All is mere a game of perspective.

You can CHOOSE to find good in what’s bad or you can choose to look for bad in all that’s good.¬†Whoever said that “your life is only as good as your mindset” had shared incomplete truth. Here is¬† the complete version of it:

Your life is a reflection of your perspective, and your perspective is a reflection of your mindset. 

A minor shift in perspective, the way you look at things, can lead to a major breakthrough often times.

#4. Embrace your own truth.

I request you to reread this point when you finish reading the following:

being resistant to facing your own truth is equivalent to being dead because the truth is what helps you grow but when there is no growth, there is no life.

The truth about your personal identity is what helps you grow and elevate your life. Sadly, many people remain resistant to facing their own truth and end up living in the illusion, ignoring their potential.

#5. Failing to learn from failure a setback is what defines a true failure.

Don’t mistake a setback as a failure, because for real, the setback is nothing but an opportunity¬†to learn. Not learning from the setback is what defines true failure.

#6. The most important¬†‘P’¬†in your life:

In this journey of life, we need something to keep us moving ahead with constant momentum, and that something is called purpose. 

Without purpose, life is nothing but simply a four-letter word. The purpose is what adds meaning to your life. How do you find your purpose? Stay true to yourself and open to what comes to you and the purpose will find you. The more self-aware and open-minded you become, the quicker you realize your purpose and the deeper sense it makes.

#7. An easy life never made an inspirational story.

If you or anyone you know is going through a hard time right now, let them hear this:

Tough times in your life serve as your story under creation.

I am sure you won’t find one inspirational story with a constant lap of luxury.

#8. Be picky about your associations, not with your interests and inclinations.

You don’t need to have interests similar to those around you. You need to have those aroud you with interests similar to you.

Feel free to reread the eight insight before proceeding!

#9. The process of breakthrough eventually boils down to consistency and commitment:

Daily consistant actions eventually accumulate creating a massive difference and a breakthrough overtime.

Here’s an idea similar to the one strategy I shared in the article 2 Powerful Strategies For Total Craft Mastery

even if you commit to consistently improving in any area of your life by 1% every day, you would have improved by 365% by the end of the year! Install one ritual or eliminate one, learn a new skill or improve upon the skill you already possess, whatever it is, all it needs is mere consistency and commitment. 

#10. The value trap:

Add value to workthat adds value to your life.

You must be thinking, how can adding value to something be a trap? Here’s the point: you can’t keep providing value to something that doesn’t add value to your life back in return. Adding value and giving your all in to a task is a sure way to burn out and end up exhausted.

#11, Negative sides of ambition and success:

Being ambitious doesn’t require you to be selfish. Being successful doesn’t require you to be haughty.

This is something I have come to realization¬†by observing other people’s behavior.

#12. Life, and what needs to really change:

It’s not your life but your perception about it that requires a change.

I remember telling my friend just yesterday that, in some cases, the individuals are themselves responsible for their own miserable life. You reading this right now tells me that you understand that life is beautiful already, it’s just your perception about it that needs to change.

#13. The journey of growth never stops, its just you who stops learning

Each day is a fresh new opportunity to learn something new. Each situation in your life offers a lesson for you to learn. Every consequence you are faced with brings with it a lesson that favors growth.

Be wise enough to stay open to what comes your way and be mature enough to learn what it had to offer you.

#14. Let your fear become your fuel:

Let your fear become the propallent to your potential.

#15. The proportionality of results with efforts and interests:

Results are a reflection of efforts. Efforts are a refleciton of interest and interest is a reflection of inclination. If you don’t feel inclined, there’s no way you’ll see results.

#16. When colors in your life start to fade, choice and decision is what it all boils down to:

Yes, life seems all dull and not worth living when all the colors fade out. But the good news is, you can always choose to recolor it with better + brighter colors!

#17. Watch out for vampires:

To protect your energy, it’s okay to eliminate self-serving selfish energy and productivity vampires out of your routine.¬†

If you have read my blog on How To Be More Productive: 7 Hacks That Actually Work [one of the most popular blogs!], you know what I am talking about and what I mean by productivity vampires.

#18. The harmonious correlation between love, wisdom, and life:

Feel free to reread the following more than twice:

Where one finds beauty, there is love. Where one finds love, there is wisdom and where one finds wisdom, there is life.

#19. Taking maximum advantage of having the most uncommon opportunity:

The probability of you being born was about one in 400 trillion.¬†And that’s the uncommon opportunity I am talking about. You have got this one rare life to live, why not take full advantage of it and leave something behind that may never die? How long you shall live is not under your control, but what you leave behind is totally under your control.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your impact.

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