‘How can I wake up early before 5 am?’ is the question people often ask me reading my Instagram handle name ‘5 am Impact‘. If you’re like me, you’ve definitely tried waking up early in the morning, before 5 am, and have also pathetically failed at it. The wrong approach leads to wrong results – waking up earlier isn’t just about your willingness. It equally depends on your approach towards it. In this post, I share with you 6 practical brain hacks and ways to wake up early.

The time in the early morning before 5 am is considered as a prime-time. There is something so positively strange about waking up early in the morning by an hour. There is no disturbance around – no social media notifications, no noise to distract, no human awake to disturb.
HERE’S A FACT: from 4 to 6 am are the peak hours that the most successful achievers in the world use to plan up their days for success. The way you begin your day really does determine how you live your day.

waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

Waking up early is the secret to getting more things done. Let me walk you through an insight: Practice while the others sleep so you can achieve while the others dream. Study any great personality from the past and you’ll find one thing in common to all of them. Yes, you guessed it right – they wake up early in the morning.

Waking up early gives you extra time to practice your A-game. As Richard Whately beautifully remarked,

Lose an hour in the morning and all day you will be haunting for it.”

One of the practical and profound ways to increase your productivity is to wake up early.
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So here are some of the strategies which have successfully helped me wake up early and have made me a morning person. So let me quickly share them with you (the last one’s my personal favorite!) Let’s dive right into the first one!


waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#1. Have Sufficient Rich Deep Sleep

Do you know, we collectively spend 100,000,000 minutes a day playing games on smartphones? Did you know that most people spend 2 hours or more each day watching dancing cats on YouTube? Did you know that most of the people waste the best hours of their days doing unworthy things like watching too much T.V. that add zero value to our lives?

And it’s unbelievable that in chasing these trivial pursuits, so many of us sacrifice the sufficient amount of sleep required. Five hours of minimum sufficient rich deep sleep is essential for your body to function properly.

As an article shared in Psyche Central suggests, around 16 hours of sleep is required for infants, for teenagers, around 9 hours is essential. Adults need 6-7 hours of sleep. The minimum sleep required in order for our minds to function properly is 5 hours.

Therefore, in order to condition your brain to wake up early, you first need to make sure you are getting sufficient goodnights sleep. Improving the quality of your sleep is fundamentally important in order to train your brain to wake up early.

waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#2. 66 Days For Forming a Habit

In a study released in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Phillippa Lally and her team of researchers surveyed 96 people over a 12-week period to find exactly how long it takes to start a new habit. Over the 12 weeks, the participants chose a new habit and reported each day how automatic the behavior felt. At the end of the period, Lally analyzed the results and found the average time it took for the participants to pick up a new habit was 66 days.

The latest science research confirms that it takes around 66 days to create a new neural pathway (the process which psychologists refer to as neuro-plasticity) and to rewire your brain and to form a new habit. So for a continuous period of 66 days, fight the battle against the bed and then it becomes the familiar ritual.
So here is my dare for you: get a productivity partner. Over the next 66 days, take responsibility to wake up early. If you’d like, check out this post where I talk about why you should have a productivity partner.

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waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#3. Keep the Alarm Away From the Bed

It’s not a struggle to wake up early. The true struggle is to not go back to sleep once you wake up early, snoozing the alarm. Here’s what somebody commented on one of the posts I shared some time ago: “it is definitely my struggle! I am an abuser of that snooze button!”

If you’re like me, you possess a natural skill to convince yourself with well-constructed arguments on why you deserve to go back to sleep. It seems like there is an inner critic wakes up with the alarm and tries to convince us to let it go for just one more time. The effective way I’ve known to beat that inner critic is distance. Place the alarm away from the bed so you have to wake up and walk a few steps to reach out for it.

waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#4. Set A Consistent Wake Time

As a kid, I used to wonder how my mom managed to wake up in the morning at the same time every day, sometimes without even having set an alarm. Have you ever experienced waking up early in the morning at the same time? Have you ever felt like there’s an internal biological clock inside you that wakes you up in the morning? It’s because of the circadian rhythm.

Our body’s circadian rhythm (aka sleep/wake cycle or body clock) is the reason why we experience waking up naturally at the same time. The circadian rhythm creates a schedule for our bodies causing us to wake up in the morning roughly at the same time. The circadian rhythm is all about consistency. Therefore, waking up early in the morning at the same time every day is equally essential.

waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#5. Jump out of the Bed as soon as You Hear the Alarm

Pushing yourself up from the bed takes a real amount of work in the beginning, and here is where the battle between you vs you begins. Here’s where your willingness comes in the picture. Think about all the benefits of waking up early the moment you wake up. If the positive sides of waking up early don’t get you out of the bed, think about the downsides: same you, same routine, same schedule, same results.

Waking up early in the morning provides you with an opportunity to improve at least by 1% each day. As I shared in this post even if you improvise by 1% each day, that’s enough to place you above the mediocrity.
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waking up early wake up early before 5 am circadian rhythm

#6. The Morning Ritual

Probably the best way to get yourself out of the bed every day as you wake up early is to have a morning ritual. Here’s what I suggest: as soon as you hear the alarm fight the battle, get yourself out of the bed, put headphones on and hit play. Have a preset playlist of upbeat songs that motivate you.

The next thing you should do is to glance over at your dream journal and empowering goals. If going through your goals doesn’t get you out from the bed, then it’s time to set some new goals.

Listen to inspiring podcasts. Music is going to be the quickest way to snap your mind into a powerful state. Listen to the upbeat music or inspirational podcasts as they release the motivational molecule dopamine – the motivational neurotransmitter. It also releases serotonin – the happiness molecule.


Don’t let laziness convince you to not wake up early. The only thing laziness adds to your life is regret. And regret is poison. You’ve got this one life, suffocate every space there is for regret. Almost every successful person has one ritual in common – the ritual of waking up early. Not everyone is successful though. That is referred to as survivorship bias. Merely waking up early in the morning won’t create wonders. It doesn’t matter how many hours you stay awake. What matters is how much work you put in during those hours. Utilize the early hours and cultivate habits to stay immensely inspired and motivated and aim for total craft mastery.

I hope you found the above-shared tactics helpful on how to wake up early. If so, please don’t hesitate to share the post.

Stay awesome, much love,


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