Truly hope you’re superb today! Thank you for joining with me here because this post is all about what makes an IMPACTIONER – an icon – and what separates them from the ordinary – the victims.

I know you are busy out there playing at your very best. So without taking much of your valuable time, let me quickly share with you the 15 victim versus IMPACTIONER distinctions!

If you have been following me on my instagram, you might have seen me playing a lot with the word IMPACTIONER. Many people have been asking me lately via direct messages that what does this word exactly mean! You will very well know the core meaning of the word Impactioner when you will have completed reading this post.

As always, I’ve tried to bring value to the table. I know you’re going to love what’s coming!

15 Victim versus IMPACTIONER distinctions:

#1. Victim dreams. Impactioner acts.

#2. Victim prays for success while the titan realizes that it’s a result of pure passion + heartfelt hustle.

#3. Victim discusses people. Impactioner discusses ideas.

#4. Victim sees problems. Impactioner sees opportunities.

#5. Victim sees setbacks. Impactioner sees stepping-stones.

#6. Victim relays on the environment to inspire and motivate him while the titan creates it.

#7. Victim plays small. Impactioner plays in the rare-air taking risks.

#8. Victim settles accepting the mediocrity. Impactioner aims for mastery.

#9. Victim loves to gossip. Impactioner loves authentic and deep conversations.

#10. Failure breaks a victim while it builds an Impactioner.

#11. Victim gives up easily on confronting a failure. Impactioner learns what didn’t work and tries again.

#12. Victim thinks he/she has all the knowledge. Impactioner devotes himself in learning and improving each day.

#13. Victim looks for flaws in others. Impactioner sees only the best – the true beauty in others – and overlooks the rest.

#14. Victim waits for motivation to do the work. Impactioner does what keeps him/her fueled with energy, motivation and on fire.

#15. Victim allows society to seduce and gets easily discouraged. Impactioner works ignoring the naysayers with a strong self-belief.

I believe in you and I really wish that you shift from playing as a victim to being an icon – a true Impactioner.

I love your thoughts! Please share your words if this post was helpful to you below in comments!

Keep learning and growing!

Love you a lot, talk to you soon. Bye!

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