Have you ever wondered if there was a practical and believable way to figure out how to live a longer and healthier life? If yes, I’m happy you decided to stop by and read this post because in this short blog, I share with you 2 Practical Ways To Live A Longer Life!

On an amazing day, I was blessed to meet a person who shared with me a key idea to live a longer life. Here’s what he said: our lifetimes or the total years of our life are decided by the number of breaths we inhale. “Each breath counts” he said.

“Time of our lives are decided not by the years we live but the number of breaths we inhale.”

To put it simply, the better you breathe, the longer you live. You’ll get what I’m trying to suggest as you read the following.

There are people who die at a very young age and there are people living high up in Himalayas who have lived for more than 300 years (yes that’s true). The person whom I met and ancient sages living up on the Himaiayan mountains have believed for more than 5000 years that the secret to live a longer life is proper breathing.

Now you know the secret to a longer life i.e. to breath properly. But how? “To breath properly is to live properly” said an ancient philosopher.

Here are few steps to improve breathing which will, at last, improve your health and additional years to your life!

#1 Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique:

This is a very simple yet powerful technique. Sit in an area where no one will disturb you with your feets crossed and your back straight.

Close your eyes gently. Put your right hand’s thumb over your right nostril and inhale with the left to the count of two. Then hold your breath for next eight seconds and at the same time put your right hand’s pinky over left nostril. Now exhale fully.

Practice this for only five minutes every day and results will soon start showing up!

#2. Green Fog Breathing:

I discovered this powerful technique when I read Megaliving. This is a technique developed by the world-class martial artists of the Orient to place themselves into a state of serenity and elevated calmness before competition.

The first principle of good breathing practice is to breathe not from only top part of lungs as we normally do but by breathing fully from all of the lung’s part.

Now lay down on your back in a quiet place and gently close your eyes. Repeat out loud the following phrase slowly, “I am serene, strong and focused.” Then, as you inhale, visualize the air as deep green fog. Allow it to move into your body, moving slowly into the depths of your stomach.

When the calming green fog has traveled through your body relaxing every muscle, exhale it along with all the tensions that may have accumulated.

Keep doing this technique for 15 minutes every day and see the results!

I assure you that the above discussed proper breathing techniques will help you redouble your energy. And the best part of these techniques is that they help you live a longer life!

Remember. “To breath properly is to live properly.”

Wishing you a healthy and a beautiful life and a very best day ahead.


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  1. Stephanie - August 20, 2018 Reply

    I absolutely love this post! You should author a lifestyle magazine!

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