When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it.
If they remain in contact with crime for a long time, they become accustomed to it and endure it.
If they remain in contact with crime for a long time, they finally embrace it and become influenced by it.

This is equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is finally, accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into its physical equivalent, by more practical procedure available.

Source: ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

If you wondered to know how to transform the desire of riches into its financial equivalent – which I discussed here – or if you were amazed to know how to get best results just by expecting best – which I posted here – this is the key answer.

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  1. Maria - July 10, 2016 Reply

    I believe in this so much!! In all sorts of fields may it be career and education or virtues like love and optimism, reinforcement is the key. :’) keep writing!

    • Aditya - July 11, 2016 Reply

      Thank you for all your truly inspiring words! You inspired me deeply! Thank you!! And I appreciate all your time you took to read my blogs and to inspire me!

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