If there was one word to truly describe you, it would be: Impactioner (a person who leaves a beautiful impact on the people behind). 😉

If you were in search for a continuous stream of motivation and inspiration, I’m happy to tell you that you’re at a very right place, my friend!

You being here reading this tells me that you’re full of fireful spirit, a positive mindset and a hunger to evolve, learn and grow.

My only intent of sharing my ideas and insights with you here is to take you to the levels of operation that you always dreamed and desired of playing at. OBSESSED to see you fly.

Let me tell you my beliefs straight…

  • I deeply believe that you’re hardwired for greatness and that you deserve success.
  • I deeply believe that you have that ‘special gifts’ and innate natural talents.
  • Without any doubt, I strongly believe that you’re here to change the world and leave your positive Impact.
  • I seriously do believe that you’re a born a-player and that you deserve the life of an Icon.

The gist is this: you’re here to fly. And I’m here to help you.

How this started and why have I created this website?

Well, in 2014, I started sharing my ideas and insights and my quotes on social media. The feed backs and the love I received was totally unexpected for me. My quotes and insights were truly loved by so many people. And that love inspired me to write blogs.

This website is one of the most wonderful gifts I ever received from any of my friends. On my birthday evening, I get a message from my friend with a link which read “hey! here’s your birthday gift. Check out adityashukla.co” Yes he knew how much passionate I was with writing.

As I continued to write blogs and share my ideas with more and more people, serving and inspiring people became my OBSESSION. Just trying to have my small impact by writing about The Art of Impact here. To be honest with you, nothing satisfies me more than the love I receive by helping and inspiring people.

And truthfully telling, I’ve created this website for only one thing. And that’s to satisfy my greed and my hunger for love. I’ve not yet thought of monetizing this blog [many say I’m a fool for not doing that ;)]

I feel a special kind of joy and deep sense of fulfillment being of a service to others. Simply OBSESSED to serve and inspire.

I feel blessed to serve and inspire so many people through my (FREE) newsletter service and via social media!

Thank you for taking time to be here. Your love inspires me deeply.

With respect + GREAT love,

total craft mastery





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