3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise

3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise

mountains-918569_640-01.jpeg​​Hello my beloved readers!

It’s 4.37 am here as I share with you the 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise. I’m the only one awake in my home. Dad, Mom, Sister an my Grandmother, all in deep forgetfulness of sleep in their cozy beds. I sit here on my chair on which I meditate.
Windows and terrace door kept wide open. It’s raining slightly and cool breeze fill my nostrils as I inhale, feeling grateful to get one more day to live a life again and to speak to you and to share with you one more time.

A totally different feeling comes when I wake up early in the morning at 4 a.m. I feel full of energy, ultra-inspired and highly-motivated to do something great. For me, there are no special hours in a day than 4 to 6 in the morning. It feels so fantastic to wake up when whole city is sleeping. There is no disturbance around me – no social media notifications, no noise to distract, no human awake to disturb.

These two hours in the morning are my hours to be ultra-productive. I wake up at 4, take bath, plug headphones in, turn the world around off and meditate for half hour. After 4.45, it’s time for me to work on myself – I take my journal out and start writing. During these perfect hours, I am full of bright thoughts and ideas and I note them down in memo. Then I read books or listen to music for one hour. And then the clock shows 6 a.m. The sun comes out, overcoming the darkness of night, reminding me that there’s always tomorrow to come, that there’s always brightness to overcome the dark.

So here are 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise:

1. Don’t sleep lazily after your alarm goes off. It takes a real bit courage to wake up when your alarm goes off. Just force yourself off of the bed.
2. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier. This is what I generally do. If I want to wake up at 5, I set my alarm at 4.30 … if 4, alarm set at 3.30.

3. Start it slow and small. If you generally wake up at 6, start small. Try waking up at 5.45 first. Then at 5. If you wake up at 5.30, try waking up at 5.15. It’s necessary to do this as your sleep cycle may get affected.

So, will you, from now, be a morning person? Hope that these 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise may help you become morning person.

Will talk to you soon!

Your’s fan

P.S. Let’s not be only sled-concerned. Let’s together enlighten lives of people around us. Remember? At last, all that matters is what you become and how many did you help. Let’s help as many people together as possibly we can. Let’s share this post and let people know the importance of waking up early. Let’s spread to people these 3 Innovative Approaches to Improve early rise. I have deep faith and hopes within you!

26 thoughts on “3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise

  1. Aditya…trully thats so encouraging….normally I dont sleep for long…mostly I sleep at 2 a.m and wake up at 9a.m in the morning but with your new strategy…I believe I will actualize that…..:)….:)…:)

    1. Hey Daniels! Thank you very much for your truly valuable and inspiring words. Your comment inspired me. So delighted that you found the post helpful. I appreciate all your time and effort!
      Thank you, Daniels!

    1. Thank you Vivek! Delighted that you enjoyed the post! Also, don’t hesitate to join hands with me and enlighten the world. Don’t hesitate to share the post!

  2. Hi Aditya, some great thoughts there. I’m not a morning person, but I’m thinking a lot of what you suggest can be done later at night for of those who stay up late (late nighters can be quite awake even when it’s late!). Often I’m the only one up after 10:30pm, and although I don’t do the things you have suggested I have found it to be a great time for reflecting, if I’m so inclined. Thank you for your ideas!

    1. Hey Terry Lewis! Loved to read your comment! You inspired me to give more! Thank you for all your kind words. I appreciate all your valuable time. Thank you to share your thoughts!

  3. If you use an alarm clock, it’s helpful to place it across the room from your bed. That way you must get up to shut it off. Once up, you can go about your day. I usually wake up around 3:25am and cancel the alarm before it is set to buzz at 3:30.

    1. Hey there!
      Glad to know that you loved the post! There are many more exciting posts to enlighten your life coming next! Be connected!
      Wishing you a healthy and serene life.

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